5K Celebration

Confidence through

Each season comes to an end with a celebratory 5K. This closing event gives program participants of all abilities a tangible sense of accomplishment. Crossing the finish line instills confidence through completion and is a joyful moment program participants always remember! Everyone in our program receives a commemorative medal to celebrate this incredible achievement.

5K Celebration

Confidence through

5K Event Details

Spring Season Celebratory 5K
Friday, May 10, 2024

58900 Cherry Grove Rd.

Dowagiac, MI 49047-9726


ARRIVAL: 5:00PM - 5:25 PM

Families are encouraged to attend and be spectators if not able to be a Running Buddy. Please bring a lawn chair if you would like. There is very limited bench seating throughout the campus.

There will be a "GOTR 5k Villiage" area that will be ONLY for our Girls, and thier coach/volunteers. Please respect this boundry for the safety of all of our girls. Our coaches will be sharing the dismissal plan with your team as the 5k details are updated for this season.

Links to 5k Documents:


Registration Type Price
Community Runner 


Running Buddy 


Running Buddy Link to Register: https://www.pinwheel.us/register/index/RunBuddy24.

NOTE: Program participants/coaches are registered for the 5K and DO NOT need to register. We reserve the right to remove any spectator. ALL PARKING IS IN DAILY ROAD LOT


Let this information guide you for the big event! 

Running Buddy Packets will be distributed with the community runner packets or your packet will be at the 5k event. "Registered Runner" Check in Area. 

Running Buddy & Community Runner Packets will be distributed on specific dates. 

  • Berrien
    • 5/2/2024  5:00pm to 7:00pm
    • United Federal Credit Union, Headquarters
      150 Hilltop Rd. St Joseph, MI 49085 
  • Cass County 
    • 5/3/2024  6:00pm to 8:00pm
    • Southwestern Michigan College, Bookstore Annex 
      58900 Cherry Grove Road, Dowagiac, MI 49047
  • St Joseph County
    • 5/6/2024  4:00pm to 6:00pm
    • St. Joseph ISD Administrative Building
      62445 Shimmel Road Centreville, MI 49032 
  • Van Buren County
    • 5/7/2024  4:00pm to 6:00pm
    • Vanderlyn Commnity Center - Hartford Public Library
      12 Church Street Hartford, MI 49057

There will be SAME DAY Community Runner registration avaliable via QR code and ONLINE registration.

Wifi will be avalible on-site to use for registration. NO CASH ACCEPTED for Runner Registration.

There will NOT be any same day Running Buddy registration. 

Volunteers help ensure our end of season 5K celebration is possible.
Interested in volunteering at our upcoming 5K event? Fill out our volunteer form today! 


We need volunteers for the following areas to ensure our event is a success!

  • Safety Team: 
    • On Route 'Course Marshal'
    • Parking Lot Attendants
    • 5k Village Perimeter 
  • Set-Up Team: (Thursday or Friday)
    • Course Marking/Staging (Thursday, Late)
    • 5k Day Set-up (Friday, Early)
  • Registration/Check-in Team
  • 5k Village Team:
    • Booth (Like Happy Hair!)
    • Inspiration Station (UFCU Group) 
  • Refresh Station Teams (good for groups 3-6)
    • On Route
    • 5k Village
  • Clean-Up Team (Friday, Late)
    • During Event
    • Post Event 

Note: All volunteers appointed through our council will undergo a background check, or be asked to supply one from the past 12mo. (Information to complete online form can be found in registration confirmation email) 

A Girls on the Run® Running Buddy should possess a passion for and commitment to the Girls on the Run mission and vision.
They must also understand and embody the core values of Girls on the Run. 
Running buddies can be/ or be assigned by a parent/guardian or the Girls on the Run council.

What to expect as a Running Buddy:

  • Participate alongside your buddy in the culminating, celebratory 5K event, cheering and engcouraging her for her accomplishment!
  • Encourage your buddy to do her personal best instead of focusing on competition with others.
  • Ensure your buddy’s safety by supervising her along the 5K event course, including making sure she is wearing her race bib with emergency information listed.
  • Be aware of program site and 5K event safety protocols. 

While not a requirement, Running Buddies may also choose to attend the practice 5K at your buddy’s program site. Please reach out BEFORE the day of the practice 5k to confirm with your coaches if you need any other clearance to be on site that day(requirements can vary by site).

Time Commitment: 

  • Minimum of a 2-3 hour time commitment to walk or run alongside a Girls on the Run participant at the culminating 5K event. Plan to arrive and be ready BEFORE the 5k Program at 5:30pm. 

Age Requirement: 

  • Running Buddies assigned by parents/guardians must be 16 years of age or older. Council assigned Running Buddies must be 18 years of age or older. Any YOUTH Running Buddy must also have an ADULT Running buddy with them the day of the 5k. 

Ready to be a Running Buddy?  CLICK HERE TO REGISTER!

Note: All volunteers appointed through our council will undergo a background check, or be asked to supply one from the past 12mo. (Information can be found in your registration confirmation email) 

Adult 5K participant smiles while running with a program girls on the run participant. Text Shown "Cross the finishline as her Running Buddy"


The course for a 5K is 3.1 miles. 

As a reminder, this is a fun, celebratory event for our participants and not a competitive race. While our fastest 5K participants will complete the course in 25 minutes, most cross the finish line in 30-50 minutes. Everyone who participates is encouraged to walk, roll, push, run or skip at their happy pace!

First, we understand that life happens, and circumstance might make it impossible to attend.


We strongly encourage that all participants attend and complete the 5K, as it is the goal that teams are preparing for all season long! It’s the ultimate opportunity to build confidence through accomplishment. Remember, this is the first 5K event for many – including coaches, participants, friends and family members. We are in it together!

For safety reasons, every participant must wear a race bib (provided by the council). Our council does our best to ensure every participant has a running buddy, and only critical 5K volunteers have access to confidential information.

To ensure every participant crosses the finish line, we monitor the course and conduct head counts. Coaches are tasked with having a rigid dismissal procedure to ensure that our girls are ONLY released to thier authorized individuals after the 5k. 

Our council has a safety plan in place, which trains staff and volunteers on how to respond during an emergency or incident. 


There will be a "GOTR 5k Villiage" area that will be ONLY for our Girls, and thier coach/volunteers. Please respect this boundry for the safety of all of our girls. Our coaches will be sharing the dismissal plan with your team as the 5k details are updated for this season. 


Please respect the boundaries and procedures in place, you will most likely not get to walk around the 5k space with your girl unless you are a running buddy or other volunteer. 

Yes. Girls on the Run 5K events are for everyone! All participants can walk, run, push or roll safely and at their own happy pace. Designated parking spots are available. If we find area's of concern we will work to resolve the oversight as quickly possible. 

A Running Buddy is an individual designated by the council or by the parent/guardian to complete the 5K alongside a program participant during the 5K event, for the entire duration of the course. Register here!

Yes! This is encouraged! This is a great way to accomplish a goal together. 

Absolutely! Every registered participant who completes the 5K will receive a medal.

Yes! Family, friends and community members outside of our program can participate in the event, but must register.

Yes. All 5K registration forms include liability waivers.

Yes! Our Council is selling merchandise to support our program! Be sure to look for our merchandise booth/tent to commemorate this memorable event.

Yes! As this is the highlight of the season, there will be face painting, water stations, happy hair stations and more! Of course, we’ll have merchandise for sale, too!

For non-program participants, the price will increase three weeks out from the event.

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